viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Holiday Goodies



Here are some holiday cookies and cakes I would love to share! 





These are one of my most favorite designs ever... those little leaves are just piped out royal icing! 




A fun (and EASY) Christmas cake.  You can so do this one.




My favorite surprise inside cake ever, the Faith Cake.  I even did a tutorial!




And you really cant go wrong with the best ever sugar cookies and glaze icing.




And these cookies... well, let me just say. 

They are perfect.  They are delicate.  They are satisfying.  They must be eaten in groups of three. 

Well. You may be able to eat just one.

I am incapable.




I even have some of these delightful treats... and I hear they are gluten free!! 

I dont know that for sure.  I am not quite sure I could define what gluten is if asked.  But someone told me these were.  And I believe everything I hear.

*True story, when writing this post I kept writing "glutton" free.  I definitely would be interested in a glutton free cookie.


I will be back soon with lots of new recipes and designs for you!  If you have any Christmas/Holiday goodies, yummy treats, amazing crafts, or glorious sweets, feel free to leave me a comment so I can check them out!


Via:  Amanda Bakes – Visit her amazing work!!


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