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Valentines Cupcakes!


Today I’m going to share some cute designs for Valentine’s Cupcakes!  One of my favorites is this easy method for fondant cupcake toppers….





I love a nice swirl of buttercream on cupcakes…but every now and then I like to make them nice and smooooth.  Especially if I’m going to be writing on top of them.  Remember…this only works with crusting buttercreams…




Here’s the same method of smoothing….only this time, I layered two colors of buttercream.  I piped on my color with a Wilton tip 12.



I LOVE sprinkles!!! I use these heart sprinkles on designs year round.



For the icing lovers out there…



And finally, I piped some chocolate decorations.  You can use any brand of candy melts or candy coating/chocolate bark.  Simply pipe and pop in the freezer for a few minutes to speed-set



Here’s the group picture!  I snuck in a few other designs too.   :0)    The pink rose swirl is made with a tip 2D, and the heart within a heart topper was also made with the “puzzle technique” mentioned above.



Thanks for stopping by!  Now, go make some cupcakes!!  :0)


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