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Valentine II: Lots of Love!

Hi everybody!  I had the best time today working on this Valentine’s Day cake—

The idea is really very simple….  I started with a “plain jane” cake…just a 6″ round frosted in vanilla buttercream with a ball border (tip 12).


The fun part came when it was time to melt the chocolate!  I used chocolate candy coating for this project .  Here’s a picture of my melted red candy melts, bright white merckens candy coating, and some chocolate “bark” coating.  Any variety of candy coating or melts would work with this cake.  This is just what I had on hand.


Just one little tip— normally white candy coating is not this bright.  So, if yours has more of an off-white appearance, it wouldn’t look as nice against a bright white frosting.  It would look much better against a chocolate frosting or tinted frosting.



Next, I spooned my melted chocolate into piping bags fitted with a tip 3.  You could also just snip the end off of your parchment cones, but I feel like I have more control when using a piping tip.  I piped many, many hearts with “stems” onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet.



I kept my bowls of melted chocolate in a warming drawer so that they wouldn’t set before I had a chance to use them.  You could also just melt one bowl at a time as needed.

You can put your cookie sheets (chocolate hearts and all) into a freezer for a few minutes to set.  After doing this, I decided it would be fun to fill some of my open hearts with contrasting colors of chocolate.  Then a put in the freezer for a few more minutes until they had set.



After the hearts have set….the fun begins!  I let the other hearts continue to chill as I pulled out a few at a time to place onto the cake.



More hearts, please….



Can you ever have too many hearts on a cake?  I don’t think so……  :0)



Hooray!  It’s a heart explosion!  This cake makes me smile.



The little chocolate hearts would be adorable as cupcake toppers too!  Make this cake for a few of your favorite people this Valentine’s Day…or any day!


Via: MyCakeSchool


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